Personality Test - Step 1/11

Here is a list of various activities in different genres. You are required to click the Yes button on the activities you enjoy / enjoyed.

Have you? / Are you able to?

Operated heavy machinery or equipment?

Repaired cars?

Done some course work in making models?

Done mechanical repairs?

Repaired fences?

Repaired electronics?

Used tools for metal work?

Planned a hunting or fishing activity?

Handled a vegetable patch?

Done a mechanical course?

Built a hi-fi system?

Have you? / Are you able to?

Used mathematics to solve a common problem?

Studied science?

Attended physics lessons?

Done research or worked in a laboratory?

Studied statistics?

Used your skills to analyze information?

Solved any technical problems?

Read scientific journals or books?

Been interested in knowing the chemical structure of any liquid?

Tried to get solutions to any complex problems?

Visited a science museum?